The Wedding || Brochel

  • Brody: Brody stood in a room filled with people he didn't know, a single glass of champagne in his hand as the cocktail hour raged on. Rachel had gone to take pictures with the wedding party and he was left standing alone awkwardly. Thinking back to the reception he stood in the audience and watched Rachel walk up the isle. Just like every bride doesn't want, Rachel was more beautiful than the bride in his opinion. He didn't know anything that happened in the ceremony, as all he did was stare at the girl he was in love with. He purple dress still looked amazing, just like he thought it would, along with the purple stilettos that made her legs that much longer and more attractive. The rounding applause threw him out of his daze and that's how he ended up here. After what felt like hours, he finally saw Rachel approach him. He reached over to the table and grabbed another glass of champagne and handed it to her. "For you, beautiful."